Gym Changing Room Design: 3 Key Ingredients for a User-First Space - Action Storage Lockers

If you own or manage a gym, the changing room can sometimes be little more than a second thought. But, as the space in which your customers get ready after arriving, wind down before leaving and trustingly leave their possessions, it’s clear that proper care should be taken to make this space customer-friendly. Today, we’re opening up our recipe book on facilities design, giving you the key ingredients you need for a user-first changing room.

Plenty of space

The changing room, more than most environments, is not the place for pushing the available space to its limits. This space should be practical, yes, but not overpacked; try and squeeze too many people and things in and you’ll make getting ready to go into the gym a chore – think barging elbows, awkward manoeuvring and a lack of any kind of privacy. If your changing room is rectangular, try and space stacks of lockers at least 1.5 – 2m apart, creating ample room between for benches and walkways.

An alternative to installing rows of gym lockers is to place them around the outside of the room, creating a large central space that prevents any feeling of crampedness. While this tends to be the standard for sports team changing rooms, it’s not the most effective use of available space – so consider using another method if your room needs to accommodate a larger number of users.

Uncompromising security

Once your customers use your lockers and walk into the main gym area, the security of their possessions is in your hands. While we’d ideally live in a world where theft is nonexistent, unfortunately, the reality is much different. Even if your gym is open to members only, it can be hard to keep track of who’s using the facilities at any one time – and this can potentially leave room for unwanted visitors.

This makes compromising on quality when it comes to your gym lockers a risky business – one that could cost your customers their possessions and your gym its trust. As specialists in designing and manufacturing secure storage, we use the latest technology to ensure your customers’ possessions remain exactly where they should: safe, inside a locker.

We’d recommend our eXtreme Plastic Lockers as an ideal solution, giving you easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant changing room storage that’s also highly resistant to vandalism or theft. With a 7-year warranty, these lockers are built to last for years to come.

Unexpected extras

Once you’ve covered the bare necessities for a gym changing room – lockers and showers – any extra facilities you add will only improve the customer experience. Though not an expected aspect of changing rooms by any means, providing free-to-use hairdryers and IP-rated plugs (i.e. waterproof), along with large mirrors, will be appreciated by users and could encourage them to attend in peak morning gym hours before they head to work.

As the gym market is somewhat crowded, seize any opportunity you can to get a leg up on the competition – even if it’s as simple as providing exceptional changing room facilities.

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