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Children spend much of their time at school learning, playing and socialising. It is important for both school management and parents to ensure they provide a highly secure learning environment for students as, in many situations, school can be a risky area for students with bullying, sexual harassment and physical violence present. Theft is another problem that can occur in today’s schools and it is no longer possible for parents to have blind trust in the school institution. Today, it’s very common for students to bring expensive items to school including smartphones and laptops and most schools do regulate the use of such devices. Although smartphones are not allowed inside the classroom, students can still use their devices in the hall or during breaks.

Lockers Can Help Prevent Theft in Schools

Because mobile devices are portable, theft of these items can happen quite easily. Lockers can help the school management improve the overall safety and security making students feel more confident about bringing the mobile devices to school with them. During gym class or other extracurricular activities, students can keep their valuables inside lockers and they will find it much easier to manage their belongings. Well-designed lockers can also improve the interior design of the school giving students the ability to store their coats, shoes and backpacks which can keep the hallways cleaner and less cluttered.

Lockers Can Help Keep Kids Healthy

As we have seen, lockers in the corridors are ideal for keeping books, laptops, smartphones, art equipment and other items related to the learning process. But lockers installed in the gym area are good for keeping damp towels, gear and clothing. As a result, it is important that gym lockers are resistant to rust and corrosion due to the repeated exposure sweat and humid air. Good lockers should prevent bacteria from spreading, which can result in bad odours and a wide range of skin issues.

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There are many affordable locker options for schools and it is important for school officials to avoid any below average products they might find on the market. By buying lockers from a reputable source such as Action Lockers ensures that the lockers are strong, easy to use and affordable for any school or education facility.

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