Inviting Technology Into the Classroom: 3 School Tech Integration Hacks - Action Storage Lockers

When you think of 21st-century, tech-savvy students, do you think of university undergraduates or primary school pupils? At Action Lockers, we believe both categories, and in fact, every type of student in between these groups should be recognised as tech-savvy.

As a society, we’ve progressed in terms of our integration of technology into the modern classroom – educating the next generation, and teachers alike, on transferable skills that will benefit their personal development in a culture that’s becoming more technologically aware every day.

There’s therefore nothing more important than the encouragement of teaching methods that adopt this ethos. That’s why we’ve come up with three simple and effective hacks to help schools seamlessly introduce technology into the classroom environment.

Visual aids for primary pupils

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that primary school-aged children respond better to visual aids, rather than written ones – and by introducing VR equipment that can be easily and securely stored away in school lockers, teachers have the ability to engage children in activities that may not necessarily be easily accessible to them. Options include transporting students to ‘school trip’ destinations abroad. The result? Students’ cultural and intellectual knowledge is broadened through their ability to associate content with an example of context.

Whilst VR equipment comes at a price, its compact size ensures it can be comfortably stored away in school lockers that give students a quick and safe way to access items that will aid their long-term development – making sure a VR investment doesn’t rack up any additional maintenance costs.

Career development for high school teenagers

By the time children transition from primary to high school, they should already be very familiar with how to operate a laptop or similar device – and are most likely already accustomed to the various social media platforms. So, why not use their existing knowledge to enhance both their personal tech skills and their interpersonal presentation skills in the form of a multimedia presentation?

Not only does this encourage more shy and quiet students to feel more comfortable in presenting their ideas to a wider audience, but, by using multimedia techniques such as video clips, images and sound bites, students are able to exercise their IT abilities in a format that they’re likely to encounter in their professional careers.

In order to develop this skill, it’s important to teach lessons using laptops as often as possible – after all, practice makes perfect. Our high-quality and secure laptop lockers for schools ensure that laptops can be stored carefully in an easy-to-access area, so that laptop use organically becomes embedded in high school students’ everyday timetables.

The university essay, reimagined

Since university study became integrated into our culture, students have learnt to become accustomed to writing essay after essay – a concept which is often not applied in their chosen industry, following their degree. To combat this issue, schools can implement more modern and technologically appropriate methods of assessing students, such as assignments that take the form of writing blog posts or creating vlogs.

In a similar way to essays, blogs and vlogs allow students to follow certain criteria – but unlike traditional essays, students are encouraged to use language and style more appropriate to a modern business environment. Tools you can use for this vary from cameras for vlogging to tablets for blogging – both of which can be easily stored in lockers when not in use, ready for another student to pick up and apply to their next task.

Laptop and video camera on white table

From primary school children to university students, technology is a key factor in developing both professional and personal skills to a level that will benefit students on their journey into the real world. Whilst investing in this equipment is a crucial first step towards implementing these methods in the classroom, maintaining and storing educational tech in on-site school lockers is vital to turning these progressive teaching tactics into next gen traditions.

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