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Probe Steel Lockers

Structurally designed to provide years of quality service, these lockers have been engineered to be durable, robust and secure. The Probe steel locker range is one of the most comprehensive currently available on the market.
Built for a variety of sectors, these highly practical lockers boast a range of innovative features and a customisable design that allows you to create a secure and robust locker unit for your facility.

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Perspex Door Lockers

Our range of high-quality perspex door lockers offer a secure storage option for areas that require safety and security, thanks to their sturdy steel frame and visually deterring, transparent perspex doors.

The use of transparent perspex make these lockers extremely secure, and, with their simple steel colouring, they’re also a smart and stylish option if aesthetics are on your list of locker criteria.

Finished with powder coated Germ Guard Active Technology that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, these lockers provide a flexible and effective solution for a variety of industries. Better yet, each locker is fitted with security shelves to limit unauthorised access to the locker below – so you can rest assured that your belongings and any other equipment will be kept and safe and secure while you’re away.

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Cube Steel Lockers

Our range of high-quality cube steel lockers are a hard-wearing, safe and vibrant storage option for a variety of business areas that require a top security solution in smaller, confined spaces.

As a result, these cube steel lockers are ideal for junior schools, primary schools and other areas where eye-catching storage solutions are not only necessary, but key. These lockers are ideally sized to house small items within, as well as being easy to stack and perfect for creating tidy, space-saving nest structures that allow them to fit into a variety of awkward spaces.

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Laptop Charging Lockers

These units provide safe and secure storage for high-value gadgets, while ensuring that each device is charged and ready to go.

Our laptop charging lockers are the very definition of multifunctionality. Each component provides ample space to store electronic devices and comes with a 3-pin plug socket that allows you to charge your devices using its own mains lead. Delivering safety and security, high-quality steel and tough hinges provide a barrier against possible theft or vandalism – with each component door secured to a welded locker frame by a solid vertical rod.

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Personal Effects Lockers

With anywhere from 20 to 40 compartments combined with high-grade, durable steel construction, these lockers offer a space-saving alternative to standard models – delivering peace of mind to large numbers of students or staff in schools, offices and many other environments.

One major advantage of our personal effects lockers is that they boast a large storage capacity while being relatively small in size. Each unit is compact and arranged in various height and width configurations, meaning our range is versatile for a number of locations, regardless of space.

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Wire Mesh Lockers

Our range of wire mesh lockers has been designed and manufactured to provide a practical storage solution for both personal items and equipment, all while guaranteeing total visual security.

Thanks to their strong, distinctive design, wire mesh lockers are perfect for storing personal items, workwear and sports equipment – making them ideal for school and gym changing rooms, as well as offices and the construction sector. Better yet, they offer exceptional durability all at a competitive price – meaning you can enjoy a winning combination of quality and affordability.

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Personnel Lockers

Personnel Lockers provide a range of practical options for various requirements. Ideal for separating soiled or outdoor garments from workwear.

For workers in industries such as construction and the emergency services, bulky uniforms are a problematic inconvenience that need to be kept separate from off-shift wear.

Personnel lockers provide the perfect solution – that’s why they’re widely used by firefighters, police, nurses, those involved in the food manufacturing and processing industries and many other professions.

Large crew lockers are specifically designed for separating workwear from day wear, or to accommodate uniforms that take up a lot of space. Alternatively, our space-efficient twin or two person lockers provide double the storage capacity for very little extra floor space.

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Solid Grade Laminate Lockers

Solid grade laminate lockers are built to last, particularly popular for damp and humid commercial environments such as changing rooms.
If you’re on the hunt for a locker suitable for demanding environments that don’t cost the earth, you’ve come to the right place.
Our solid grade laminate lockers are strong, secure and waterproof – and with so many different colour options and door quantities to choose from, they’re also extremely easy to customise to reflect the unique needs associated with your environment.

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